Why Iran Natural Stone Industry?

Iran Natural Stone Industry

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Written by Saeed Nejati

Why Iran Natural Stone Industry?

The natural stone sector in Iran has huge potential for global export so that it has caught the attentions of trading companies, looking for invest in marketing and exporting these luxury products worldwide. In spite of all the limitations which effect the Iran’s economy, the Iranian stone industry still has very wide capacities in the field of quarries, factories and machinery.

Iran’s stone industry has a significant rank among the world’s top producing countries, so that according to statistics, Iran is the fourth largest producer of block stone in the world. The wide diversity in Iran’s natural stone quarries has made its position in the world better. It is rare to name a stone in the world that does not have the similar type in Iran. Therefore, Iran’s stone industry has long welcomed international traders and producers. The extraordinary transit situation in Iran can be found in few countries.

If you want to check the various natural stones of Iran, you should visit the quarries located in all the provinces of Iran, especially the quarries of the central part of Iran, or go to specialized stone exhibitions. One of the most important and largest international and specialized stone exhibitions in Iran is Tehran Stone Exhibition which is held annually and welcomes international visitors.

Promising Opportunities in the Natural Stone Sector:

Iran owns almost 1000 natural stone quarries. On the other hand, there is a great diversity in Iranian natural stones, so that Iran ranks first in the world in terms of stone diversity. Many Iranian quarries have not entered the world market yet, and this issue can be a special opportunity for investors.

Collaborating with quarry-Owners:

The best way to invest in Iran’s natural stone industry is to have direct contact with quarries. In this case, you can be sure of a continuous and easy supply of stone. Natural stone quarries can be identified in almost all provinces of Iran.

Navigating Export Trends:

Iran’s natural stone exports have experienced fluctuations in recent years. According to Iran Customs statistics, the exports of various grades of natural stones, including marble, granite, travertine, and limestone, witnessed a decline from approximately 220 million USD per year to 88 million USD over a five-year period. This decrease is primarily attributed to international sanctions and governmental currency regulations, which have posed challenges for traders and manufacturers in the export sector.

Untapped Capacity:

Despite the hurdles, Iranian natural stone manufacturers remain eager to attract more international customers. There exists untapped capacity in the stone industry, presenting a wealth of opportunities for traders and companies interested in exploring the potential of this lucrative sector. Iran’s natural stone quarries have the proper ability to supply very large orders. If there are few financial obstacles, it is possible to stone provide continuously.

Key Export Destinations:

Beautiful and high-quality Iranian natural stones are exported to most countries in the world, including china, Europe, Canada, Australia, Arab countries, CIF countries, and so on.

Emerging Markets:

Surprisingly, countries with notable five-year growth in their stone imports from Iran include Tajikistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, and France. This emerging interest indicates that Iran’s natural stone exports are diversifying and expanding their reach beyond traditional markets.

Iran’s natural stone industry has great potential for growth and expansion in the international market. Although the economic sanctions have created problems, but the efforts of Iranian businessmen and producers are to overcome the problems. Iran’s stone quarries and factories have the good opportunities and are always open to international investors. The future of Iran’s natural stone industry is really promising and with the right partnership, the growth potential is limitless.

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