Tehran International Stone Exhibition 2024

Exhibition 2024

Tehran International Stone Exhibition 2024

The 14th international exhibition of building stones, quarries, machinery and related equipment will be held on 18-22 may 2024 in the Shahr-E Aftab international exhibition center.

Tehran International Stone Exhibition 2024 has provided a unique place to present processed and semi-processed natural stones and also the latest designs and technologies in the natural stone industry.

What are the Tehran International Stone Exhibition 2024 goals?

  1. Providing an export platform and increase the volume of exports
  2. Presentation of new products, equipment and technologies
  3. Making a beneficial opportunity for natural stone trade
  4. Development of relationships in the natural stone industry
  5. Improvement the state of the stone industry
  6. Providing a good view of stone export development strategies and helps to increase the recognition of Iranian stones in the international arena.
  7. Allowing designers, architects and other decision makers as well as manufacturers and suppliers to make widespread networking opportunities, conferences and seminars.


What will attract you in this exhibition?

diversity of natural stones encompassing travertine, granite, marble, conglomerate, sandstone, onyx and limestone.



Which provinces of Iran participate in this exhibition?

Participants provinces from all over Iran, including: Qom, Isfahan, markazi, East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, Yazd, Kerman, Fars, Kurdistan, Lorestan, Hamedan, Razavi Khorasan, South Khorasan, Zanjan, Mazandaran



What are the advantages of participation in Shahr-E Aftab international exhibition center?

Shahr-E Aftab is one of the most important commercial and economic international exhibition center in Iran with the Wide area, suitable and unique exhibition facilities. Our experts have prepared a suitable platform through the establishment of specialized and international exhibitions for domestic and foreign manufacturers, merchants. This exhibition center helps to supply and display of capabilities, commercial exchanges, joint and international investments.



Aims of Tehran International Stone Exhibition 2024:


1- increasing the volume of exports

2- Development of specialized education in the field of natural stone

3- Creating national and international competitions

4- Exchange of the latest information and specialized technologies in the field of natural stone

5- development of technical and engineering services

6- increment of communication and economic cooperation


Where is the Shahr-E Aftab international exhibition center exactly located?

Shahr-E Aftab international exhibition center is located in the south of Tehran, next to the toll road of Tehran-Qom highway. The total area of ​​the exhibition is about 138,000 square meters. This complex has an eastern entrance through the Tehran-Qom highway and an entrance from the Shahr-E Aftab. Moreover, Shahr-E Aftab exhibition center has an accessibility to Shahr-E Aftab metro station.

What are the advantages of Shahr-E Aftab international exhibition center?

  1. Numerous parking lots in the exhibition along with parking lots of the Holy Shrine of Imam Khomeini (RA) with a capacity of 11,000 private cars.
  2. The green space with an area of ​​more than 40 hectares.
  3. Establishing a store.
  4. Easy access to banking services and ATMs.
  5. Ease of access to Exhibition center through the Persian Gulf, Shahid Tondguyan and Shahid Mahalati highways.
  6. Proximity of Imam Khomeini International Airport to Exhibition Center and ease of transportation for exhibitors and foreign visitors.


Written by Saeed Nejati

content production department, Roshan Rooz Co.


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