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Natural Stones

With plenty stone quarries, Iran is one of the most important zones, which is unique both in terms of the number of quarries and the variety of stones such as marbles, onyxes, granites, limestones, etc. Iran Stone Exhibition, as the most important stone event in Iran, is a good opportunity to know about these materials


Machinery & Equipment

Every year, next to the building stones, the latest technologies related to stone extraction and producing machines are exhibited, which provides an opportunity for industry activists to get to know uptodate technologies and each other.

21-24 MAY




Consumables and necessities are another part of the Iran stone exhibition, which includes resins, diamond saw blades, polishing pads, etc..


Services & Media

In today's, more than before every industry needs connection to other industries and specialties, so a part of the exhibition is dedicated to services such as media, logistic and etc.

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Invitation to attend

Invitation to the figures of the stone industry to participate in the 13th Iran International Stone Exhibition at the exhibition site of Shahr Aftab

What happened at the 2023 exhibition
SqM Exhibiton Area
Exhibition Site

The exhibition site is located in the south of Tehran, at the beginning of the Persian Gulf highway, with quick and easy access, the distance between the exhibition site and Tehran International Airport is less than 30 minutes and also has a metro station.

This site is located in an area of 275 hectares, which has a view and green space, 125 thousand square meters of exhibition area, , large exhibition halls with The height is suitable for unloading exhibition goods, there is no column to place the booth, the visibility is very good, the surface is reinforced concrete.

This exhibition complex has nearly 40,000 square meters of modern usable exhibition space, halls A6, A5, A4, Hall of Nations and office ground floor with ventilation, lighting, internet, restaurant, free shuttle, catering services and parking space for 10,000 cars. There are more than 100 WC, meeting rooms, restaurants and coffee shops, a wide lobby and registry office, corridors, etc. are some of its facilities.

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History of Iran Stone Exhibition

The Natural Stone Exhibition in Iran has been an annual event since 1997, showcasing the latest technologies, products, and services in the natural stone sector. It has grown in size and importance over the years, promoting the use of natural stone as a green material and facilitating international trade and networking opportunities. Today, it continues to be a key event in the stone industry, providing a platform for companies to showcase their latest products and explore new business opportunities.


At the same time as the stone exhibition, various events such as stone conferences, B2B meetings, educational workshops, architecture and essay writing competitions, Introduction of specialized books on the stone industry, Hamsang stone party, etc. will be held.

Exclusive Agent of China
Media Partners
Organizer of Iran Stone Exhibition

Since 1996, Roshan Rooz Co, as the international stone information center of Iran, has been engaged in cultural, promotional, publishing and exhibition activities in the field of the Iran’s construction stone industry. This company is the compiler and publisher of the only directory book of this industry called Iran Stone Guidebook, one volume of which is made available to the public every year.

Roshan Rooz company has had acceptable activities in the field of publishing scientific, specialized and technical books for the extracting of stone quarries and has so far presented several volumes of books in this field to those interested, one of the most important of which is the books Iran Natural Stone Directory, which is the first volume. It was presented for the first time in Iran by this collection. This company is the only publisher that works only in the field of stone industry.

Exhibition activities of Roshan Rooz co. in both internal and external sectors have provided considerable services to the stone industry activists. also for the first time organized pavilion of the Republic Islamic Iran in international stone fairs. This company is the organizer of the international stone exhibition of Iran at the Tehran.

Since 1996, Roshan Rooz Co. has transferred its shares to 68 units involved in Iran stone industry. It is actually the first cultural consortium of this industry and a company from the family of this industry.

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